This Victorian Darth Vader Dress is Villainously Sensual

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: & gizmodiva
The DIY Darth Vader dress created by EPBOT user May B presents the iconic sci-fi villain with a bit of a twist. Instead of looking like his usual futuristic self, this Darth Vader is right out of a Victorian fashion catalog. The dress was inspired by Victorian mourning attire, and features a black corset, long skirt and heeled boots.

The entire ensemble is topped with a Darth Vader mask with additional feathers on the mask's top. The resulting costume is a Darth Vader meets Can Can dancer that channels a dark sensuality and a tributary light-heartedness aimed at the Star Wars franchise.

This costume seems fairly easy to put together making it the perfect DIY costume for any fan expo or summer costume party. Its darkly humorous twist on a classic character is sure to turn heads and catch a few sci-fi fans' eyes.