Rebeca Saray Photographs Women in Complex Victorian Garbs

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: dosis.deviantart & lacarpa.tumblr
Rebeca Saray is well-known for her extravagant photo shoots that feature models wearing highly eccentric costumes, and in her latest series, she’s been bitten by the steampunk bug and made her subjects dress up as futuristic Victorian seductresses. The results, as you can see for yourself, are entirely surreal as modern photo manipulation effects are applied to her visuals and contrast greatly with classic garments like corsets and leather armor.

Rebeca Saray is based in Madrid, Spain and she also works under the pseudonym Dosis. As she herself is heavily tattooed and is featured in this series, Saray made a conscious choice to hire models who similarly have body art. This gives many of her images an extra edginess in comparison to other steampunk photo shoots. Saray literally combines popular style elements from the past, present and future in this collection.