From Comic Con Costumes to Fashionably Dramatic Costumey Looks

 - Jul 20, 2013
If you're living in San Diego, you've probably spotted tons of Comic Con costumes that make you itch for Halloween to come sooner. But costumes don't necessarily have to be for big events like Comic Con or Halloween, as proven by these dramatic looks. While some are extremely creative runway looks, others are DIYs or themed ensembles for parties.

Reserva's SS14 Collection has lopsided Flinstones costumes hanging off the runway models' heads. The appeal is confusing, shocking and even humorous. But regardless, it is impressionable.

Many costumes are of course, sci-fi themed. Comic Con attendees will appreciate looks like the sensual Star Trek female costume; the design by Poison Candy Latex is not only paying tribute to iconic sci-fi characters, but in a skintight, sexy kind of way.