The Yi Sun Futur Anterieur Accessory Line features Wooden Accents

 - Nov 14, 2012
References: notjustalabel & notjustalabel
The Yi Sun Futur Anterieur accessory collection pays homage to the world of the wild. The label's Paris-based designer Sun takes her inspiration from both art and nature, often aiming to create pieces that exude a mood of darkness.

Creating wood-constructed headwear accessories, Sun creates bird-like headdresses reminiscent of Native and nomadic warrior costumes. From feather-resembling branch headdresses to wooden crown adornments, this avant-garde accessory collection leaves fashion lovers in awe.

Lensed within a wooded setting, the Yi Sun Futur Anterieur Collection captures a natural inspiration and visual aesthetic while embracing the importance of individuality and personal style. Paired with forward-thinking ensembles, these eye-catching accessory pieces are an editorial dream enforced with their intricate design concept and highly eccentric style sensibility.