This Final Fantasy Cosplay by Miss-Alice-Monster is Stunning

There are tons of people out there dressing up as their favorite game characters, but these Final Fantasy cosplay outfits from Miss-Alice-Monster are some of the most stunning and accurate to the games.

DeviantART user Miss-Alice-Monster is an Italian Final Fantasy cosplay fan that lists cinema as her first love. The Final Fantasy cosplay in her DeviantART gallery features numerous characters from the seventh and eighth entries in the immensely popular role-playing game series. From Final Fantasy VII's Aeris Gainsborough and Tifa Lockheart to Final Fantasy VIII's Rinoa Heartilly, the obvious passion that Miss-Alice-Monster harbors for the video game series shines through every stitch of the costumes. She doesn't even limit the costumes to the games' female characters, as her gallery features her in costumes related to several male characters as well.