Kiersten Essenpreis Pays Homage to the Best Horror Film of the '80s

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: youfail & io9
Whereas most fans of the cult horror film 'They Live' would've dressed up as Rowdy Roddy Piper -- the protagonist and an infinitely easier costume -- Kiersten Essenpreis opted instead to disguise herself as the movie's bizarre-looking aliens.

They Live has the all the trappings of a subcultural smash hit: a dystopian narrative, a crafty alien species and a professional wrestler as the lead actor! Yet, the rub of the film occurs when Roddy Piper dons a special pair of shades which instantly reveal Los Angeles to be under the controlling influence of skull-faced aliens! Kiersten Essenpreis sought to honor the trope of a suppressive Martian regime in her Halloween costume, which is made entirely from craftstore-bought masks. Should you find yourself at a party wearing this awe-inspiring outfit, rest assured that anyone who recognizes the references is instantly a friend!