Atashi-Boku by Sarah Fountain Stars an Exotic Gisele Pletzer

There is a bit of theater that goes into traditional geisha costumes, especially when it comes to the hair and makeup, which the photo series titled Atashi-Boku by Sarah Fountain, a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia, embraces. Imbuing the culture with vibrant modernity, the looks are fit for the contemporary woman living an urban lifestyle. The type of woman looking to make a seductive statement.

Atashi-Boku by Sarah Fountain stars model Gisele Pletzer. She was styled by Tamzen Holland, who put together an electrically exotic wardrobe together that reveals as much as it conceals. According to Fashionising, the series "celebrates the best of two deviating worlds." The first involves the femininity of the geisha while the second is the masculinity of the samurai.