This Skyrim Cosplay Brings the Elder Scrolls World to Life

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: & kotaku
There have been few video games in the last couple of years that have been as influential and popular as ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,’ and the proof is in this amazing Skyrim cosplay.

Video game blog Kotaku has put together this gallery of the best Skyrim cosplay that the Internet has to offer in an effort to determine who has the best Skyrim costumes. From amazon-like rogues in the woods with their camouflage war paint and bows and arrows, to hulking armored warriors with flawless armor designs, I’m glad that I’m not the one that has to pick the best of the best when it comes to this incredible Skyrim cosplay. Most of the costumes come from various DeviantArt users and technical amateurs, even though every one of them comes across as totally professional grade.

Could this Skyrim cosplay possibly be a start of a new era in fashion? Probably not, as it would be pretty terrifying to encounter one of these armored beasts on the street. One can always hope though.