The Muse Magazine 'Just Follow the Line' Editorial is Playfully Silly

Model Marte Mei Van Haaster is delightfully quirky in the new 'Just Follow the Line' editorial for Muse Magazine. Her naturalistic and goofy poses lead to a sense of playfulness that is complemented by her outfits. Van Haaster is dressed in Russian dancer-inspired ensembles. One is a black and white number that includes baggy black pants, a loose-fitting white blouse and a black corset. Van Haaster poses in this ensemble with her hands behind her back as she squats down, bringing to mind the image of a traditional Russian dancer.

Another shot shows Van Haaster biting her finger with a toothy grin simultaneously exuding charm and a carefree attitude. Photographer Amy Troost has done a wonderful job of producing a natural spread using a lot of natural lighting, casual outfits and a fun-loving model. The 'Just Follow the Line' editorial is a goofy spread that can't help but cause viewers to crack a smile.