White Noise by Mara Zampariolo is Audibly Eclectic

Past and future merge in this unusual editorial called White Noise by Mara Zampariolo. Combining the structure and dynamism of vintage garments, like corsets, into alien futuristic compositions, stylist Kanako B. Koga has created something both elegant and rather eerie.

The title of the otherworldly spreads give mere images added experience, so that the viewer is struck by an imaginary sound with which to accompany each picture. The quality of the finished photographs seem to be blanketed with a fuzzy and faded veil that makes that distorted din its sensory companion.

Found in the June 2011 issue of Harpers Bazaar Roumania, White Noise by Mara Zampariolo with model Alison Nix could easily come from any era within four hundred years on either side of the present.