Wild Dream Liqueur Packaging Features Sultry Corsets as Labels

The delicious Spanish dessert drink may be powerful enough to seduce, yet Wild Dream Liqueur packaging takes things a little further. As a way to channel the sensuality of sipping the flavorful alcohol, the Contrabriefing studio placed exquisitely cinched corsets onto each of the bottles' labels.

The three different types of the bodacious beverages that they mark are Banes and Red Fruits, Baines and Chocolate and Cream of Baines. They're cloaked in sophisticated matte finishes of opaque red, black and white respectively, as three of the most alluring shades.

Clarity and simplicity dress Wild Dream Liqueur packaging, despite the discernible details in the provocative feminine shapewear. Three different patterns adorn the garments on the different bottles, adding a touch of luxury amidst the mouthwatering minimalism of the branding strategy.