These Innovations Focus on Powerful Women

 - Sep 4, 2013
Powerful women like Beyoncé Knowles are worth celebrating. September 4th marks the singer's 32nd birthday. Queen B's female empowerment anthems such as 'Run the World (Girls),' in addition to her work with Destiny's Child like 'Independent Woman' and 'Survivor' make her a positive force for females everywhere. In her HBO documentary 'Life is but a Dream,' the artist discusses her passion for uplifting women at length as well. Bey's fierce stage persona and undeniable talent also makes her a force to be reckoned with.

This collection of trends focus on powerful women. This includes political statement and awareness raising fashion from Beyoncé herself. It includes a number of satires, poking fun at makeup tutorial videos and old school pin-ups. Feminism and a commitment to women's rights can also be seen in a variety of artistic expressions and advertisements.