Will Murai Puts the Power in His Illustrated Ladies' Capable Hands

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: willmurai & designlov
All of the women featured in these Will Murai illustrations have one thing in common: they completely own the pictures they're in. Through their dynamic and alluring poses, the female subjects have their viewers, as well as the other characters within each painting, wrapped around their fingers.

Each one of Will Murai's lovely ladies exude strength, charisma and power, which leads me to believe Murai is a feminist at heart. His depictions of Greek myth-inspired characters may all be beautiful, but they never cross over into fetishism territory. And if the message that women hold all the power still isn't clear enough, just look to the painting of a love struck boy completely enamored by his date for further clarification.

If these Will Murai illustrations seem familiar, it's probably because you've seen this Sao Paulo-based artist's work published through major clients such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, ESPN Magazine and even Marie Claire Magazine.