These Dazzling Masterpieces are Eccentric and Dream-Like

 - Sep 29, 2013
Surrealist artworks are bizarre and unsettling, but they capture attention because of these factors. When creating surrealist art, the artist takes what we know and rearranges that, creating an alternate world.

Dream worlds, quirky characters and horrifying sights are all aspects of surrealism that draw the audience in to look at the art piece again and again. The artist's imagination is used where there are no longer boundaries; anything can happen within surrealist artworks.

People floating in the sky, kettles that pour themselves and humans combined with animals are all examples of what surrealism can be. The artworks show alternate realities that are dreamed and designed by the artist's thoughts and ideas. In the end, delightfully crazy images are formed that are eye-catching and full of life.