The Jerico Santander Atutiplen Image Series Takes you on a Ride

 - Jun 30, 2011
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Presenting art as a form of entertainment is the Jerico Santander Atutiplen series of images. Featuring one main subject matter and then turning it into something unrecognizable, the illustrations are a wacky and fun twist on real life.

Santander comes from Spain and shows a real knack in releasing his imagination into his artwork. One of the images in the Jerico Santander Atutiplen series is of a girl riding a wooden horse that you would normally find on a carousel. Not only is she sweeping through the sky on it but there is a giant teapot attached that acts as the inflatable balloon.

Largely experimental and inspiring, the Jerico Santander Atutiplen series will take you on the trip of your life.

Implications - Modern-day customers are looking for products that offer a way of escape. Items containing a fantastical element are appealing to shoppers who want to forget their responsibilities for a brief moment. Companies could hone in on this desire for a more whimsical aspect in order to attract more consumers.