From Illusory Adhesives to 3D Chalk Drawings

 - Aug 25, 2012
These outstanding optical illusions consist of the most extravagant art exhibits to the most lavish couture designs, and each and every one of them will make you second guess what it is you are really looking at. These optical illusions take place in the streets of your neighbourhoods to editorials you see in the magazine.

Whether it's cloud surfing photography that involves people standing on balloons way up in the sky or 3D floor murals that give off the illusion of a full-fledged koi fish pond, these designs are stunning. There are always going to be artists out there finding new and inventive ways to trick the eye into seeing something that is not really there.

Take a look through the photos above to see some of the most mind blowing and deceptive optical illusions out there today.