Joanna McClure Fashions Faux Objects Using Flat Paper

 - May 8, 2012
References: joannamcclure & booooooom
These Joanna McClure papercraft creations are highly evocative of the impossible images of M.C. Escher. When viewed at certain angles, they give the illusion of being solid objects, but audiences are exposed to how these eye-tricking origami work with photographs of the same piece taken from different perspectives. Much to many people’s surprise, most images are actually formed with flat pieces of paper.

What’s most impressive about Joanna McClure’s work is the abstract shapes she pairs together that completely confuse people’s ocular senses. Dense cube blocks somehow disappear behind thin panels and triangular prisms form at impossible angles. It leaves viewers scratching their heads, but also with a wholly satisfying art experience.

For those wondering, Joanna McClure is a New York City-based photographer whose portfolio contains an eclectic array of content.