Bio-Blaze's Veniz Fireplace Produces Absolutely No Smells or Smoke

 - Dec 22, 2011
References: thefancy & gizmodo
What better way to create a magical and cozy ambiance for the holiday season than with a hearth that looks like it is floating such as the Veniz Fireplace. Children and adults alike are bound to be captivated by the optical illusion, even if the latter can detect exactly where that illusion begins and ends.

Brought to us by Bio-Blaze, the Veniz Fireplace is sleek and sophisticated. Unlike traditional fireplaces, the Veniz Fireplace can be placed much closer to furniture and people because of the glass that is used to create the floating illusion. That same glass acts as a shield against potential sparks and hot flames. This portable hearth is powered by ethanol rather than wood as well, thus not producing smoke or smells.