The 'Fingerings' Series by Judith Ann Braun Uses Fingertips to Paint

 - Aug 6, 2012
References: enpundit & materialicious
Using only her hands as artistic instruments, the 'Fingerings' series by Judith Anne Braun was created. The breathtaking works that resulted showcased charcoal dust landscapes, abstracted shapes and illustrations that share similar characteristics with optical illusions.

Without any artistic assistance from paintbrushes or traditional art tools, Braun created a whole new genre of interactive artwork for others to adopt; although, this being said, Braun's artistic talent will never be replicated.

Throughout the Fingerings series by Judith Anne Braun, symmetry and pattern play a significant role and are seen in almost every one of her artistic creations. While up close it is apparent that Braun's landscapes, and abstract floral depictions have been created using her fingertips, once the viewer steps back a seamless work of photographic quality appears.

Proving that art can be created without the use of expensive and complex tools, Judith Anne Braun's artworks encourage imagination and creative expression.