Sok Discount Markets Ads Feature Unbelievable Deals

 - Jul 4, 2011
References: reklamadv & adsoftheworld
Those who are familiar with the work of 20th century graphic artist M. C. Escher will undoubtedly think of him when considering this Sok Discount Markets campaign. The talented illustrator's drawings seemed to outline the unfeasible, through optical illusions that challenged both space and subject.

The YeniReklam ad agency of Turkey adopted the symbolism behind such images, and took some of the creative's most elementary visual tricks to conceive these prints. The idea of impossible prices was what the team was going for, so they decided to feature the cost of two products, rice and spaghetti, sketched in 3D block characters that confuse the viewer's perspective.

With such a simple strategy, the Sok Discount Markets ads need not any embellishment besides the bright yellow background and the misperception text.