From Angular Stairwell Stores to Wiry Minimal Stairs

 - May 24, 2013
When it comes to creating a modernized home interior, designing a uniquely curved or angled infrastructure makes a bold physical appearance, and these inventive staircase designs serves to transform such an ordinary household feature into something visually compelling and artistic.

Traditionally, staircases are simply meant to allow people to get from one floor of a home to another. Nowadays, staircases have been taken on by architects as a source of inspiration to create something visually compelling and unique. By simply adjusting the form, shape and width of a staircase, you can instantly turn this average household structure into a piece of modern art.

From staircases that look like they're levitating mid air to those that have become large-scale artistic sculptures, these inventive designs are revolutionizing the way we look at ordinary steps.