The Andrew McConnell Interior Decor Structure Mimics Vertebrae

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
The Andrew McConnell Verterbrae Staircase is modeled on the image and physical layout of a whale's spine. He has done his best to perfect the shape of these skeletal pieces, bringing them together in a way that has revolutionized standard interior design concepts.

McConnell has produced this towering architectural piece by way of numerous sturdy materials, inclusive of pins, fiber-based material and steel beams. Plates that tie the top of the Veterbrae Staircase to its bottom hold it together, enabling it to support itself while giving off a chic floating look. McConnell has at the same time improved upon the form of whales, "Much of the design work went into refining the single component, or vertebra, that mate with each other..."