The Stairway by Danny Lane Will Take You to New Heights of Imagination

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: dannylane & mymodernmet
The Stairway by Danny Lane is a glassy sculpture that plays with concepts such as infinity and surrealism to generate multiple responses from viewers. The striking staircase seems to be both going nowhere and simultaneously going everywhere. Without an end and a define start point, this ladder questions boundaries and meanings; what is real and what is imagination. 

Made of steel and glass, the Stairway creates a visual show with its shimmery effect and endless shape. Each one of its stairs has a transparent aquamarine color that, when combined with sunshine and the open sky, shines like a waterfall. This duality of imagery also reinforces the idea that reality starts and ends according to each individual. 

The Stairway by Danny Lane is a mesmerizing piece that is inspired by questions regarding metaphysics. Danny Lane is a well-known furniture and sculpture designer.