- Mar 22, 2013
Though musicals may not be for everyone, those who love them truly love them. Thankfully, the recent success of the film adaptation of Les Miserables has converted many non-believers into certified Broadway geeks. These tributes to musicals will ensure you're caught up with the musicals craze.

Whether you know every line to every song in West Side Story, have memorized the choreography from Chicago or simply enjoy the occasional homemade musical on YouTube, there's something here for everyone. Some pieces, such as the macabre manicure set released as a tribute to the Addams Family musical, even allow for a more subtle nod to the world of high notes and spirit fingers. Broadway has even recently gone geek chic with the release of the Spider-Man musical, ensuring there truly is something for everyone to sing along to.

From Les Miserables Blogs to West Side Story Parodies: