This Year's Oscar Nominees Get Memed in These Redone Posters

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: istockphoto & mashable
Is there anything the Internet at large loves more than making fun of some Oscar nominees?

If these meme-based Oscar nominee posters are any indicator, I'm going to say no. has put together this little gallery of the best picture Oscar nominees adjusted for some hilarious Internet humor. It doesn't get any better than a version of 'Les Miserables' starring Grumpy Cat singing that he "memed a meme." Considering that unlocking your smartphone was recently made against the law, I imagine Django would have to go on the run after unlocking his iPhone. If that's too much action for you, join a man and a tiger through cyber space is the touching 'Life of IP.' To share these images, it's nice that Abraham Lincoln has started his own social media network; 'Linko Ln.'

No matter which of the Oscar Nominees takes home the big prize this year, we all win with these meme-based nominees.