- Feb 24, 2015
The annual Oscars is an occasion for film creatives to come together and celebrate their work, and this motion picture field inevitably inspires some amazing Academy Awards art. From the movie medium to static print, you'll see characters, sets and DVD covers transformed for accessible appreciation and easy online sharing. Some pay homage to successful films, and some endeavor to parody them.

Within this collection of Academy Awards art are many "honest" movie posters that provide humorous or explicit alternative names and imagery for the Oscar-winning films. One group of original artists, OldRedJalopy, has made Lego renditions of favourite features; numerous fashion illustrations have been inspired by high-fashion red carpet looks; and a golden Oscar trophy has even been constructed on a grand scale, commenting critically on the nature of the event.

Creative Inspirations from Honest Posters to Melting Statues: