Bob Mackie Sells His Legendary Sketches Online

Legendary designer Bob Mackie, who has dressed celebrities like Cher, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Tina Turner and Diana Ross, is selling some of his famous sketches online. Mackie and his designs became famous in the 70s and he has remained a fixture in the world of costume design.

Bob Mackie is perhaps most known for creating Cher's 1986 Academy Awards ensemble, complete with feathered headdress, black chain-link top and bejeweled loincloth. Mackie also designed all of the costumes for The Carol Burnett Show for the entire 11 years it was on the air.

Prices of the sketches range from $69 for a 14x17 inch sketch, to $179 for a 21x25 inch one.

Since Bob Mackie pieces are so artistic and flamboyant, having a sketch of a design seems like a great addition to any art collection.