From Golden Tribal Sunnies to $45,000 Automotive Shades

 - Oct 27, 2013
If you're looking for something extravagant to help shield your eyes from the sun, then these lavish sunglasses will definitely offer some couture designer options.

Sunglasses not only provide a practical way to protect your eyes, but they can also serve as stylish fashion accessories to your outfit, which is why opting for a lavishly over-the-top design is a great way to showoff your expensive taste. The types of clothing and accessories you wear can often provide some insight into your overall style and personality, and if you happen to enjoy luxurious products and designer labels, then these lavish sunglasses are right up your alley.

From shades covered in gold to those that feature a diamond-studded design, these lavish sunglasses will surely make facing the sun an extravagant experience.