The Ray-Ban Gold Aviators Go for an Exorbitant $3,800

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: glamourmagazine & luxuo
These Ray-Ban gold Aviators are one pair of sunglasses that you definitely can't afford to lose. The luxe sunglasses feature polarized G-15 crystal lenses and thin frames made from 18-karat gold. Only 1,200 of these sunglasses will be made and each will sell for $3,800.

This decadent take on the Aviators' frame is a gorgeous update to the classic sunglasses from the 1930s. Initially, the sunglasses became known for their ability to protect the eyes of US Air Force pilots. Since then, these glasses have become style staples for both men and women. In addition to these being a fashion statement, the golden version of these glasses will gives off a level of prestige for the few thousand who will purchase a pair.

The Ray-Ban gold Aviators will be available starting in November.