From Socially Savvy Decks to Eco-Friendly Skateboards

 - May 15, 2014
From socially savvy decks to eco-friendly skateboards, these boarding-influenced social enterprises take you outdoors and encourage you to be active and have fun. One of's editorial favorites is certainly Skateistan, a nonprofit in Kabul, Afghanistan that empowers a number of youth through teaching them to skateboard.

Other boarding-influenced social enterprises aren't actual skateboard or surfboard brands, as in they don't do manufacturing of skateboarding gear, but rather they re-purpose skateboards. Proof sunglasses use recycled 5-ply Canadian maple skateboards for their cool beach-ready frames. Social enterprise has never had more of an adrenaline rush -- and that can't be a bad thing. Hopefully, this kind of innovation, which also focuses on staying healthy, will get more youth involved in the growing field of social entrepreneurship.