Bureo is Raising Funds for a Cleaner Ocean

 - May 12, 2014
References: kickstarter
Bureo has just over sixty hours left in its Kickstarter campaign. It's crunch time! Alas, they've already way passed their goal of $25,000 dollars with now almost $55,000 total. And what's all the excitement about? Well, Bureo is a sustainable skateboard design that uses fishnets that have been dumped or left in Chile. Each board comes from 30 square feet of fishnets with the wheels using 30% veggie oil and totally recycled cores.

"The name ‘Bureo’ comes from the language of the Mapuche, the native Chileans, and means 'the waves,' they write about how the name for this environmental business came about. "Selected in honor of the Chilean people, the name represents our mission. Just as a wave originates from a disturbance of wind along the ocean surface, Bureo is starting with a small change in an ocean of plastic. Through time and energy, the waves of Bureo will develop the force required to cause real change."

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