This Chart Explains Eco Fashion and Where it Comes From

 - Feb 24, 2013
References: jigsaw-london &
This infographic takes a look at the growing popularity of eco clothing from several angles.

First of all, eco clothing isn't attractive to everyone simply because it is good for the environment. Plenty of things are good for the environment, but still aren't popular. This infographic starts with the centers of cool: celebrities. At the 2012 Oscars, six celebrities wore eco clothing including Meryl Streep. Eco clothing has actually grown so much that enthusiasts can find entire fashion shows dedicated to it.

Jigsaw is a company that recycles unused fabrics from warehouses. They search through factories to find unique patterns and fabrics that have been left over from production or forgotten from years ago. Jigsaw takes those fabrics, mixes and matches and creates new eco clothing so they don't go to waste.