From Rapper Record Sales to Pop Star Hairstyle Histories

 - Jul 30, 2013
These celebrity-tracking infographics take a deeper look at famed stars' lives. From sports legends to rock stars to celebrity comedians, the subjects of these infographics are closely examined and analyzed. The beauty of these graphics is that everything is laid out in images and easy-to-read statistics. Reading through this list will conveniently inform you of celebrity news.

The Fandom Wars infographic tracks the cult-like followings of Justin Bieber. Comparing Beliebers to other fan-bases, the infographic teaches you about the predominance of the young star in the pop culture industry.

Other celebrity-focused infographics are less about statistics and more about nostalgic humor, like the Justin Timberlake infographic that takes you on a stroll down memory lane. Drawing out Justin’s different hairstyles over the years, this infographic reminds us of the celebrity’s past.