The If Web Browsers Were Celebrities Infographic Goes to Hollywood

 - Aug 24, 2011
References: walyou & dailyinfographic
The ‘If Web Browsers Were Celebrities’ Infographic is a great laugh! Since the rise of the Interweb, the variety of Internet browsers that have become available offer something different for every computer and owner’s taste. From Netscape to Internet Explorer (all hundred versions of it), to Firefox and Google Chrome, the browsers of the moment each top the one before in speed, design and accessibility.

What’s risen with the modern and widespread fascination with the Internet is the longstanding and widespread fascination with celebrity culture. As it turns out, the celebs that have come in and out of the public eye are not so different from the browsers that have stepped in and out of fashion.

Implications - The obsession with celebrity culture is furthered for consumers by the capabilities of the Internet, which make information about both the personal and professional lives of icons easily accessible. That being said, emulating an air of fame or referencing celebrities are great strategies to appear current in the eyes of consumers.