Timberbrit Plays Britney Spears' Life In Slow Motion

 - Aug 11, 2009
References: myspace & thestar
If Britney Spears is the princess of pop, then Timberbrit is her fairy tale. But is Justin Timberlake her Prince Charming?

Jacob Cooper imagines what was and what could be in the musical Timberbrit, starring Melissa Hughes as Britney. According to the show’s MySpace page, the plot of the pop opera picks up as Spears’s "latest downswing has propelled her to her final hours, and her erstwhile lover Justin Timberlake, prompted by her imminent demise, rushes to her side to express his undying love and attempts to win her back."

Wow. Okay. More, please.

Cooper does in fact have more to offer. Timberbrit’s music is created from a technique called "time-stretching": songs are slowed to an exaggerated pace, closely analyzed, and then restructured in a completely original way. 

It’s a careful Pop Music Science that Cooper has mastered, and with results like "Worst Fantasy" generated from Spears’s "Toxic", we can see how brilliant cool can be.

Timberbrit looks fascinating, fun, and unforgettable. More importantly, we will finally know how the ballad of JT and Britney ends. Will it be with a bang? A whimper? A kiss? Check it out on stage in 2010 to find out.