From Constitutional Celeb Covers to Rockstar Green Golfing

 - Oct 17, 2011
I have a confession to make: I was always a bigger N'Sync fan than a Backstreet Boys fan, and that was 100 percent because of Justin Timberlake. Sure, the Backstreet Boys had Nick Carter, but who could compete with Justin's bleached blond curls? No one, that's who.

These days, although J.T. has (unfortunately) shaved off his luscious locks, he remains a constant and important figure in the world of fashion, movies and music. The man is an undeniable pop culture icon and this list of Justin Timberlake innovations proves just how influential he is.

From releasing fragrances in collaboration with Givenchy to co-founding and designing the super successful line, William Rast, Mr. Timberlake really knows how to stay ahead of the curve with everything he does.