Barack Obama Does Beyonce's “Single Ladies”

 - Jan 24, 2009
References: youtube & arabaquarius.blogspot
"I got hope on my lips. Blackberry on my hip. Secret service we rollin deep," sings Alphacat as Barack Obama in a Beyonce "Single Ladies"-inspired spoof video of the new president.

"Single Ladies" has been spoofed and paid homage to by everyone from skinny gay guys to fat ladies. Even Justin Timberlake donned a leotard for an SNL skit of the music video.

Now the song gets the full presidential treatment.

While the other spoofs were all about the dance moves, this Barack Obama video by Alphacat takes a lyrical approach with lyrics that include: 

If you voted for me!

Then get your hands up!

In the White House, now watch your mouth

I’m doing my presidential thang.

It’s time for Bush to dip,

People wanna trip, cause everybody voted for me.

I’m on the news,

I’m in magazines,

don’t pay me any attention.

There’s nothing to fear,

Not with these ears.

I can hear the thoughts of any enemy!