- Dec 13, 2011
Publicity stunts and train wrecks are words often associated with celebrities and pop stars, and Britney Spears has been in the new for more reasons than one; sit back, relax and enjoy this trip down memory lane with these scandalous Britney Spears finds.

As you revisit the age-old images of the now-30-year-old Britney, flashes of her dreadful past may swim past you. Be it Britney’s meltdown that gave her the shaved head look or her marital issues, Spears' many dramatic stages made headlines in this past decade. When news of her comeback started pouring in, she showered the covers of several mags. It is the publicity stunts, shocking shoots and outrageous behavior that always gets heads turning when Brit's name is uttered.

From her perfume ads to her wholesome recovery shoots, she has had more than her fair share of the spotlight. But she continues to give hot singles like ‘Criminal’ from her ‘Femme Fatale’ album that has got many shaking their heads -- and hips.

From Desperate Publicity Stunts to Shocking Fashion Retrospect: