Hits Parked Car, Owner Sees Paparazzi Video

 - Aug 10, 2007
References: grandhaventribune
Oh Britney, the young woman just can't stop getting herself in the media. You know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity. Look at Paris Hilton. If you're eager enough to get in the spotlight and don't have any talent, there's always a way.

Britney Spears crashed into a parked car in the parking lot, and, as often happens, was photographed by the paparrazzi. Now usually the story would end here, the tabloids would blurt out something about the ditzy celeb having no driving skills, but this time, the tape actually came in handy.

The owner of the parked car saw the video, and suddenly she had someone to blame for the damanges. "Did I hurt my car?" Spears asks about her black ragtop in the video, then continues on to nearby shops.

"It's sad because I was really hoping she'd steo up and be a mensch, be a human being. It was simply like my car didn't matter to her, my inconvenience didn't matter to her," car owner Kim Robard-Rifkin, 59 told CelebTV.com.

Robard-Rifkin ended up filing a police report, and is very disappointed in the star's behaviour. "I'm not asking for money. I'm not asking for a new car. I simply want my car fixed, the same as I would fix somebody's car if I had done that."

Check out the video... too funny!