‘Terror Texts'

 - Nov 23, 2008
References: myspace & foxnews
Drama students of Christian-based Northwestern College in Iowa are in the midst of acting out horrific Bible stories in a musical called ‘Terror Texts.’ The stories come directly from the King James Bible version of the Old Testament. 

Unlike Liberal, Moderate, and Universal Christians who read the Bible and value it as a book of allegory, symbolism and metaphor mixed in with a bit of history, the director and the students starring in the ‘Terror Texts’ musical believe the stories to be 100% true.

Some of the stories feature rape, bears eating children and cannibalism. Even though the play is based on the stories word-for-word, the Northwestern students have altered their characters’ appearances. Instead of wearing ancient attire, they dress in Goth.

To each their own, as the saying goes.