From 120,000-Foot Freefalls to Record-Breaking Aerial Films

 - Sep 18, 2012
Check out some of the world's most outlandish record-breaking stunts, artifacts, products and human endeavours ever to be seen. Everyone wants to be considered the "world's best," and it's pretty amazing the lengths one will go to just to receive that world record title.

There is a record for just about everything nowadays, it seems. From giant beach balls that measure in at 36 feet to massive time lapse sand castle stop-motion films, this medley of modern-day accomplishments will prove that just about anyone can break a world record.

Whether you are putting your body, car or bike to the test -- or even if you are just flaunting how much money you'll spend on foolish jewelry -- the people of the world will always have the desire to reach that pinnacle of perfection. What will be your record-breaking moment?