Wedding Dress in China Has 1.2 Mile-Long Train

 - Aug 9, 2009
Inspired by the mile-long wedding dress at the Bucharest e-Marriage Festival back in April, a Chinese groom surprised his wife last week in Jilin City with a wedding dress featuring a 1.2 mile-long train adorned with 9,999 red silk roses.

The groom did not want "a cliché wedding parade or banquet," something he successfully avoided by not only surprising his bride-to-be with the ultra-long train, but having wedding guests actually unravel the 7,083-foot thing--a feat that took about three hours.  

An expression of love that cost the groom approximately $5,800, the dress was considered by the groom’s mother to be a "waste of money." For the couple, though, it was worth it. They have since submitted their attempt to the Guinness World Records in London.

According to the groom, "Both the length of the dress and the number of silk roses pinned on the wedding dress can make history."