From Cartoon Feline Nuptial Gowns to Vampire Wedding Gowns

 - Mar 8, 2013
Picking out your wedding dress is one of the best parts of planning a ceremony, and if you're looking to stun your guests with an over-the-top design, then these wacky wedding dresses will certainly do the trick.

Traditional wedding gowns are often sophisticated and elegant, but these outrageously designed dresses feature eye-catching patterns and colors you would never normally see during a wedding. These wacky wedding dresses are a great way for brides to show off their eclectic personalty, and what better way to do it then while walking down the aisle? These dresses include everything from those that are modeled after the iconic Hello Kitty character, to those that are made from 100% bubble wrap.

While these unusual pieces of wedding attire are not for the shy and timid, they will certainly attract brides who want a fun way to stand out at their weddings.