Missy King's Gypsy Wedding

 - Oct 29, 2008
References: dailymail
More terrifying than a Halloween costume is the frilly gown Missy King, a traveler, or gypsy, wore for her wedding.

The 16 year old insisted on a big, white wedding, and a £16,000 wedding dress. With its frills and midriff-bearing cut, it looks more like something you would see on Dancing With the Stars. Move over Ghetto Wedding -- there is a new kid in town.

Is is part of gypsy culture to "dress up" for weddings, and as you'll see from the photo gallery, the guests took part too, including one who wore a pair of £700 hotpants. Their present was £18,000 caravan, so almost the same price as the dress. Missy’s bridesmaid wore a pretty special outfit too.