From Edible Knitting to Gory Anatomy Confections

 - Jan 25, 2012
Surprisingly, all these marzipan creations are 100% edible. The tasty confection made mostly of ground almonds and sugar can be sculpted into a multitude of convincing shapes when in the right hands. The glossy confection bears a striking resemblance to wax, but has the happy advantage of being delicious.

Marzipan is often used to dress up cakes with fun and flirty accents, but in parts of Europe, it is eaten all by itself. From marzipan-sculpted knitting needles to a terrifyingly realistic set of marzipan hands, there is no limit to the shapes this tasty treat is capable of taking on. Sure to keep your guests guessing until the first bite, these marzipan creations will get people talking.

Clever, creative and sweetly delicious, these marzipan creations are masters of deception and disguise.