- Sep 26, 2012
Boasting a cast of crowd favorites from past seasons, the Dancing With the Stars 'All Stars' season is bound to be filled with dazzling performances.

Known for its top-notch professional ballroom team of choreographers, this reality show is always groundbreaking in its showcase of ballroom dance technique, grace and innovation. The longstanding appeal of the series can be accredited to the inescapably fun aspect of seeing celebrities take on the challenge of learning the art, and becoming more disciplined in their craft.

Some say that Dancing with the Stars has revived careers, as it brings sometimes forgotten celebrities into the limelight. Season fifteen's cast is a combination of past cycle's all-stars that include the likes of Kristie Alley, Bristol Palin and Pamela Anderson. This compiled list of ballroom innovations showcases the beloved spirit that is to come with the Dancing With the Stars 'All Stars' Season 15.

A Tribute to Beginning of Dancing With the Stars 'All Stars' Season: