From Non-White Wedding Gowns to Bubble Wrap Wedding Dresses

 - Jun 25, 2013
Getting married to your someone special is a huge milestone in your life, and if you're the type of bride that wants to stand out from the ordinary, then these unorthodox wedding dresses will definitely have your guests looking on in amazement.

While several women often dream of picking out their traditional white wedding dresses from a very young age, others who are more interested in showcasing their eclectic and offbeat personalities will definitely be drawn to these unusual and unorthodox wedding gowns. Why go for an ordinary white design when you can have a dress that showcases vibrant colors, edgy references or even comical themes?

From gowns that are humorously modeled after the iconic Hello Kitty character to eerie vampire-inspired frocks, these unorthodox wedding dresses will surely make any bride feel one-of-a-kind as they walk down the aisle.