Colin Fruze's Motorbike Seats 25 and Can Hit 35 Miles Per Hour

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: dailymail & walyou
A British plumber by the name of Colin Fruze has created what may be the world's longest motorbike. Fruze's moped has 25 seats and can max out at an impressive 35 mph.

The bike's top speed of 35 mph can only be hit when the bike is completely unloaded. Even without any passengers, Fruze says the bike is difficult to control, with steering requiring extraordinary effort and a very, very wide road. The British plumber and DIYer is submitting his 72-foot bike, which is already 30 feet longer than the current record holder, to the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you are curious to see what the world's longest motorbike looks like in motion, then check out the featured video here.