Garry Stretch and the Tower of Terror Campaign

 - Mar 16, 2008
References: independent & independent
Garry Stretch is making the most of the fact he has no collagen in his skin. This video, for London's Tower of Terror, shows just how far Garry can stretch his limits.

Also known as Gary Turner, a 36-year-old has a form of the incredibly rare Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. As a child he was prone to terrible bruising and wasn't expected to live beyond 25. A knock on the legs would have meant months on crutches, but for now life is good. Not only has Garry made the most of his condition as the only actor in this field (he is the only one of the ten sufferers of this disease in the world to go into show business). And he is, after all, in Guinness World Records for putting 158 pegs on his face.