Iran's Record-Breaking Blooper

 - Oct 18, 2008
Cooks in Iran have tried to assemble the world's largest ostrich sandwich at a food festival in Tehran in a bid to promote healthy eating and Iran's fledgling ostrich farming business. 'Tried' being the operative word.

About 1,500 Iranian cooks used 1,000 kg of ostrich meat to make the 1,500m (4,920ft) long sandwich. The organizers were hoping that those dimensions would propel them into the Guinness Book of Records.

Making the sandwich took the cooks two days and then it all went terribly wrong. After watching the sandwich being made in Iran for two days, onlookers rushed forward to eat it--before it could be measured for the record.

The organizers in Iran are hoping that a video they have of the event will count as evidence.